DisciplineAll children enrolled in the School Age Child Care Program will be expected to follow rules established by the staff for the safety and smooth operation of the program.

School rules and School Board policy concerning the student code of conduct will be followed in each child care program (including the summer programs).

Children with continual behavior problems may be subject to disenrollment.

If a child displays behavior that is harmful to themselves or others, the child will be unenrolled from the program.

When a child is unenrolled from one SACC program, they cannot be enrolled in a SACC Program at another school.

Any child suspended from school is automatically suspended from attending SACC.

The School Age Child Care staff is committed to positive reinforcement.

If a major discipline problem occurs, the Site Director will contact you.

Please cooperate with us by stressing the importance of good behavior patterns with your child.

We want to keep the program safe and fun for everyone!

School Age Child Care Office: 4606 Oakwood Drive, Chattanooga TN 37416 (423) 893-3530