Children Need to Be Responsible For:

  1. Generally maintaining age appropriate skills of daily living such as dressing, toileting, feeding, etc. with minimal supervision or assistance.
  2. Learning to accept the consequences for their own actions.
  3. Respecting the rules that guide them during the school day and for controlling their feelings so that their actions do not harm anyone in the program.
  4. Refraining from destroying or harming any equipment or property in the building including property belonging to another person.
  5. Sharing equipment and facilities with all children in the program.
  6. Remaining with a staff member at all times and notifying them if they need to go to another area.
  7. Reporting to the assigned SACC area each day after school and notifying a staff member when they need to be somewhere else.
  8. Coming immediately to the SACC area after school, to be checked in by the SACC staff.
  9. Respecting the rules of the School Age Child Care Program.
  10. Dressing appropriately for indoor or outdoor play and for wearing tennis shoes in the recreational areas and on all field trips.
  11. Returning materials and equipment to the place they found them before taking out a new activity.
  12. Carrying out an activity to which they have committed.

Children Have the Right To:

  1. Safe and reliable equipment.
  2. Equal access to appropriate equipment and space, to find equipment in specific locations and in functioning condition.
  3. Have their ideas and feelings respected.
  4. Discipline that is fair, equal, and respectful of them. Express their feelings in an appropriate manner.
  5. Express their creative ability.
  6. Explore and discover.
  7. Continue developing to their full potential.
  8. Have a safe environment free of hazards.
  9. Have an environment that offers a variety of choices: physical, quiet, indoor, outdoor, creative, exploratory, etc.
  10. Have a right to voice their opinion on the rules and activities.
  11. Have a staff member that cares about them, enjoys being with them, and helps them grow.

Parents Have the Right To:

  1. Know their children are in a safe environment where they are free to select from a variety of age appropriate activities.
  2. Know they will be informed if their child is injured in the program.
  3. Know the types of programs and activities that are being planned and offer feedback on the kinds of activities the children enjoy.
  4. Share concerns with the staff at any time about anything they do not feel is in the best interest of the children.
  5. Know if their children are misbehaving, and to spend time talking with the staff concerning a solution.
  6. Know when their children will be going to a location other than where the program is usually held.
  7. Voice special concerns and considerations not covered in this manual, and to discuss special cases where occasional exceptions may be made from the rules set forth in this manual.

Parents Have the Responsibility To:

  1. Let the staff know if their child will not be attending for the day.
  2. Notify Child Care staff if your child will be attending on special days(early dismissal days, full day sessions, in-service days, holidays, etc.)
  3. Observe the rules of the School Age Child Care Program as set forth in this manual and in any additional policy statements.
  4. Share their concerns with staff members if the program is not meeting their child's needs.
  5. Listen to concerns that staff members have about their child's behavior, and to work through an acceptable solution to any problems that might occur.
  6. Know about any change in policy or procedure.
  7. Replace any equipment or property that their child is responsible for misusing or destroying.
  8. Sign their child in each morning and sign their child out at the end of the day; notify a staff member when taking a child from the center. Staff members should be notified when another authorized person is picking up a child. A full signature is required when signing a child in/out.
  9. Inform staff if their child has been exposed to a contagious illness.
  10. Notify staff in writing of planned vacation and other absences in advance.
  11. Notify staff of withdrawal at least one week in advance.
  12. Pay fees on time.
  13. Keep the child's records up to date with changes in phone numbers and addresses.
  14. Pick up the child(ren) on or before 6:00 p.m.
  15. Children enrolled in the program are not to be disciplined by another child's parent, including questioning other children regarding school or child care. Please discuss any concerns with the Site Director or staff.
  16. Provide identification when requested by child care employees.
  17. Apply all day waterproof sunscreen to their child(ren) when conditions are favorable for sunburn before they attend child care.
  18. Send morning snacks if child desires one.

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