Rock / Objects (sticks, etc.) Throwing Policy

Rock/Object throwing is not permitted in the child care program due to the potential for personal injury or property damage. Parents will be financially responsible for personal injury or property damage caused by their child throwing a rock/object

rock throwing



First offense disciplinary action

A letter will be sent to the parents of any child who throws a rock or a foreign object while attending the SACC program. The letter will ask the parents to talk with their child regarding the SACC rock/object throwing policy and inform them that they could be subject to suspension or disenrollment from the SACC program if the child continues to throw rocks/objects.

Second Offense Disciplinary Action

A last warning letter will be sent to the parents of any child who throws a rock/object for the second time.

Third Offense Disciplinary Action

Any subsequent incident of rock/object throwing will result in disenrollment from the SACC program.

We regret the need for this action to be taken, but the safety of the other children and the employees must be considered.

Zero Tolerance Offenses

According to state and federal law, a student who commits a zero tolerance offense is expelled for one calendar year, unless modified by the Superintendent. This includes offenses on school properties, including buses and at school-sponsored activities. All violations will be reported to local law enforcement officials.

The following are zero tolerance offenses:

  • Possession of a firearm, explosive, poison gas device, bomb or similar device.
  • Illegal possession of a controlled substance or drug.
  • Striking a teacher, principal, administrator or any other employee of the Hamilton County Department of Education, or an SRO.

The following offenses may result in at least a calendar year suspension:

  • possession of a knife or any device capable of inflicting injury to another individual.
  • possessing, transferring or receiving drug paraphernalia, non-prescription drugs or “look-alike” drugs.


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