In Music, Theatre, Dance, and Visual Art programs, Hamilton County students engage in artistic processes that prepare them for life.

Creativity GROWS in Hamilton County!

Hamilton County students engage in the arts in three ways:

Arts as curriculum:

Expert teachers in Visual Art, Dance, Theatre, General Music, Instrumental Music, and Choral Music teach classes where students learn skills and vocabularies to perform and create in an art form.

Arts-enhanced curriculum:

Teachers use the arts as a vehicle for other curricular learning, like singing the alphabet song or "50 Nifty United States."

Arts-Integrated curriculum:

Teachers incorporate curricular goals from an arts subject and a non-arts subject and design learning experiences that achieve knowledge and skills in both subjects, and an artistic product is created demonstrating students' knowledge and skills.

Hamilton County elementary school teachers use our Cue the Artists curriculum to provide Arts-Integration experiences for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade.

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HCDE is a Kennedy Center for Performing Arts Partner in Education, with our local partner, ArtsBuild. Training is available for all HCDE teachers in arts integration techniques and occurs annually during the Fall semester. More information can be found at ArtsBuild's website.





Claire Stockman, Content Lead for the Arts
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