Attendance Requirements

Pre-Kindergarten enrollment is limited at this time due to funding.  Full-time enrollment is required for entry into this program because it was not designed to be a drop-in or part-time program. All children are enrolled on a full-time basis only and are expected to attend every day, all day. Participation in the TN-VPK is voluntary and parents may withdraw their child at any time. Excessive unexcused absences, late arrivals and /or early dismissals could result in dismissal from the program.

The following guidelines/procedures will be implemented in Hamilton County Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Programs:

When a student reaches five(5)unexcused absences OR tardies/early dismissals, the teacher is responsible for sending the HCDE approved Attendance Notification Letter. The teacher is required to keep a copy of this letter in a designated notebook or file. A copy of this letter is to be sent to the office of Pre-K programs.

Upon receipt of the Attendance Notification Letter, if the parent disagrees with the number of absences, it is their responsibility to contact the teacher for an attendance meeting and to provide documentation to support claims.

When the student reaches ten (10) or more unexcused absences OR tardies/early dismissals, the student will be referred to the PreK Director. The teacher will need to fully complete the referral and attach a copy of the Student Registration Form, a copy of the signed Attendance Contract, and a copy of the Attendance Notification Letter.

If absences continue after the signed referral, the Director may initiate interventions and/or dismissal procedures. If dismissal procedures are necessary, a letter will be mailed to the parent/guardian. This notice shall serve as intent to provide final supports to help family with attendance issues. If the attendance continues to be an issue, the Director of Pre-Kindergarten Programs will contact the State Department of Early Learning for assistance in dismissal procedures.

Parent/Guardians will be required to sign a statement of understanding for the Attendance Policy.