Pre-Kindergarten FAQ

When can you apply for Pre-K?

Application for pre-k begins in May and will be fully online. Once classes are filled, qualified students are placed on the waiting list.

Where do you apply for Pre-K classes?

Application for Pre-K classes are going to be online in May. More information is coming soon.

How old does your child have to be in order to apply for a Pre-K program?

Your child must be four on or before August 15.

What are the guidelines, curriculum, and assessments for Pre-K?

Hamilton County will provide an appropriate, research-based educational curriculum, aligned with the Tennessee Early Childhood Education Early Learning Developmental Standards. The pre-k programs use ”The Creative Curriculum for Preschool” as the designated curriculum.

How many children are in a classroom?

Each classroom has a maximum of 20 students, with one teacher and one teaching assistant. Each pre-k teacher in all programs are certified teachers and all pre-k staff are employees of the Hamilton County School System.

Is Pre-K an all day program?

Yes, students are to attend for 6.5 hours (30 min for rest time and 5.5 hours of instructional time). Pre-kindergarten programs follow the Hamilton County Department of Education calendar. The pre-k program is NOT a drop in, part time program.

What is free or reduced lunch?

Free or reduced lunch is the National School Lunch Program that is intended to direct benefits to those children most in need. The guidelines are revised annually to account for changes in the Consumer Price Index.


Is there transportation for Pre-K?

No, parents are asked to transport their child to and from their pre-k site each day. Upon arrival and dismissal, parents (or designated adult) MUST sign their child in and out each day. Students can ride the bus for field trips.

Will my child stay at the same school when they attend kindergarten?

Upon entrance into kindergarten, parents whose children attend a pre-kindergarten program must register their child at their zoned school for kindergarten.