Pre-K Information & Application

*The only document that is required for this application is Proof of Income. You will receive an email to let you know if your child has been selected for a seat, then you will include other documentation with online school registration.

Documentation needed to register your child in a pre-k program (copies will be accepted):

  • Child's Birth Certificate 
  • TN Certificate of Immunization w/Physical                          
  • 2-Proofs of Residency
  • Proof of Income

Registration will open on May 8, 2024, and be fully online. In-person application support details coming soon!


**Spanish Information**

Documentación necesaria para registrar a su hijo en un programa de prekínder (se aceptarán copias):
  • Certificado de nacimiento del niño
  • Certificado de vacunación de TN con examen físico
  • 2-Pruebas de Residencia
  • Prueba de ingreso

La inscripción se abrirá el 8 de Mayo de 2024 y estará completamente en línea. ¡Los detalles de soporte de solicitud en persona estarán disponibles próximamente!

Eligibility Criteria

Children must be four years of age on or before August 15th of the current year. Students will be chosen based on a weighted application. The focus is to enroll students in the underserved population, which includes children identified as ‘at-risk’. At-risk factors include family income, family structure, and special family situations. (These areas are determined to meet the State Department of Education guidelines.)

Typical at-risk factors include custody other than parent, single parent, foster care, homeless, below free and reduced lunch, above Head Start guidelines, no previous group experience, subsidized housing, special education services, limited English (ELL), divorce, deaths, criminal history, health problems, mental illness, teen parent, and family member incarcerated among other considerations. Each factor contributing to the at-risk nature of the student is considered.


2024 Income Eligibilty Guidelines


*Annual income levels reflect 185% of the 2024 US Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines, equivalent to reduced priced lunch criteria.

Household Size *Annual Income Monthly Twice a Month Every two weeks Weekly
1 $27,861.00 $2,321.75 $1,160.88 $1,071.58 $535.79
2 $37,814.00 $3,151.17 $1,575.58 $1,454.38 $727.19
3 $47,767.00 $3,980.58 $1,990.29 $1,837.19 $918.60
4 $57,720.00 $4,810.00 $2,405.00 $2,220.00 $1,110.00
5 $67,673.00 $5,639.42 $2,819.71 $2,602.81 $1,301.40
6 $77,626.00 $6,468.83 $3,234.42 $2,985.62 $1,492.81
7 $87,579.00 $7,298.25 $3,649.13 $3,368.42 $1,684.21
8 $97,532.00 $8,127.67 $4,063.83 $3,751.23 $1,875.62
For each additional  
person, add: $9,953.00 $829.42 $414.71 $382.81 $191.40


This chart is to be used when reviewing the Pre-K Income Eligibility application to determine if family meets income qualifications for “economically disadvantaged”. Families making at or below the annual income amount, based on household size, meet the income eligibility criteria for participation in the Pre-k program for the 2024-2025 school year. Verification must include total income of all household family members as indicated on Pre-K Income Eligibility Application.


Meeting Income eligibility requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the Pre-K program due to limited space and the possibility of more students applying than seats available.