Battle Academy students paint

Magnet Schools

A magnet school is a school that offers specialized instruction and programs that are not available elsewhere and are designed to attract a diverse community from all areas of the school district. The draw or “magnet” for HCS magnet schools can be found to the right of each school listed along with a link to each of the schools to find out more about them. Hamilton County Schools has three types of Magnet Schools when it comes to admissions.

Lottery – Families submit a school choice application. If there are more applicants than seats a lottery is run for placement. Any remaining students are moved to a waitlist until school begins.

Balanced Lottery - Students applying to Battle Academy (K), CSAS (K), CSLA (K), Normal Park (K, 6), and STEM School (9) must complete a choice lottery application during the choice lottery window. A student will be entered into a random lottery based on the school board district in which they live. Each school board district will allocate a percentage of seats to Battle Academy (K), CSAS (K), CSLA (K), Normal Park (K), and STEM School (9) based on the number of students living in each school board district. Any further openings are filled first from the waitlist per the school board district. The waitlist expires on the first day of school for the application year.

Application – Only the student’s parent or guardian may apply for admission to the School Choice Lottery. The Office of School Choice has established an admissions procedure that will provide transparent and equitable opportunities for all applicants. If an application is not made during the application time frame or is denied, students shall report to their zone school at the beginning of the new school year. Only ONE application will be considered for each student. Duplicate applications will be voided.