Every School Equipped

Every school will have equitable access to resources such as facilities, technology, and operations that provide for their individual student needs.


  • Create Environments that Support Learning
  • Prioritize Safe and Secure School Environments
  • Invest in Resources that Remove Barriers


  • Customizing solutions to provide safe, secure, and functional learning spaces: Securing schools and campuses through improved lighting systems, video monitoring, hardened entrances and common spaces, as well as professionally trained security personnel.  
  • Providing well-maintained, clean, and efficient classrooms: Committing to furnish efficient, functional, and accessible HCS buildings and grounds which inspire productive learning.
  • Investing in efficiency: Introducing updated operational systems to produce cost and time savings, which can then be redirected back to classroom supports and resources.
  • Overcoming technological barriers to opportunity and access: Making technology use in support of learning an everyday routine by expanding connections to high-speed internet and integrated technological devices and systems. 
  • Enhancing operational systems to maximize functionality: Upgrading business and data operating systems to allow for increased instructional time by minimizing time spent on required information tracking processes.


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