Opportunity and Access

Opportunity and Access is committed to providing opportunities for students to access rigorous learning by ensuring that student schedules, staffing supports, and resources are aligned to meet the needs of each and every child

In Opportunity and Access, it is our vision to:

“Create pathways to bright futures for all students in our community by equipping them with the skills, knowledge and supports required to realize their full potential through high expectations , sacrificial leadership, asset based thinking, consistent and proactive stakeholder engagement."


Contact Opportunity and Access

Opportunity and Access 
Dr. Neelie Parker, Chief of Opportunity and Access
Jennifier Workman, Administrative Assistant
(423) 498-7111

English as a New Language
Diego Trujillo, Director of English as New Language
Miriam Wade, Administrative Assistant

Exceptional Education
Dr. Sarah Evans, Executive Director
Shelbi Golbi, Administrative Assistant

Access and School Choice
Jim Boles, Director of Access & School Choice
Kelly Coffelt, Charter School Coordinator
Jennifier Workman, Administrative Assistant

Opportunities and Gap Closure
Breckan Duckworth, Executive Director of Opportunity & Gap Closure
Merideth Adams, Administrative Assistant 

Pre-K and Early Matters
Breckan Duckworth, Interim Director of Pre-K and Early Learning
Jenny Buchanan, Administrative Assistant