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Questions about accessing the application? Check out the How to Apply page. 

What is School Choice?

Every student has different interests, hopes, and dreams and must have access to opportunities that best open doors to exciting pathways to possibilities for their future. Choice schools expand the options for students to attend schools that best fit their individual interests and skillsets. These schools offer students opportunities that will propel them forward and ensure they are future-ready for college, career, and beyond.
Every student in Hamilton County is guaranteed a seat at their zone school. School Choice provides additional programs and school options through a randomized choice lottery application. Choice options include innovative learning experiences, unique academic curricula, theme-based programs, eLabs, project-based learning, and individualized learning communities. School choice options include Magnet schools, Open Enrollment schools, Future Ready Institutes, Early Postsecondary Opportunities, and Hamilton County Virtual School. 

School Choice Admissions


11/15                  School Choice application opens   

01/31/22          School Choice application ends

2/9/22             District runs Choice lottery

2/16/22           District shares lottery results with families

2/23/22           Deadline for families to respond to initial lottery offer

School Choice Application Support

We’re thrilled to offer support for families in completing the School Choice application since the fair was canceled! The HCS Family Resource Center will host several opportunities to assist families with the School Choice application during the following dates and times. Registration is encouraged to maintain safety. Click here to sign up for an appointment.

  • Wednesday, January 12th from 4-6pm in the Central Office Board Room (in-person only)
  • Wednesday, January 19th between 9am-5pm at 40th Street (in-person and virtual options available with sign up)
  • Friday, January 28th between 9am-5pm at Hillcrest (in-person and virtual options available with sign up)

Questions can be sent to

Questions about School Choice? Email