Future Ready Students

Key Performance Indicators

Student Satisfaction % of students indicating positive response on district-wide climate survey 
Student Attendance % of students receiving regular instruction (excluding students on out of school suspension)
Graduation Rate % of students graduating in four years and a summer after entering ninth grade
Ready Graduates % of graduates in prior year meeting state criteria for “readiness”
ACT College-Readiness % of graduates in prior year cohort meeting all four college readiness benchmark on ACT subject tests
Advanced Coursework % of graduates with completing one or more AP or IB Courses and earning a qualifying score on exam
Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit % of graduates earning at least 1 or more post-secondary credits
Industry Certifications % of students earning at least 1 industry certification in state approved pathways
Post-secondary Scholarship Awards Total amount of dollars awarded to graduates for post-secondary diploma and degree programs
Post-secondary Matriculation % of graduates enrolling in post-secondary fall after graduation
Post-secondary Persistence % of graduates who maintain enrollment from first year to second year of post-secondary

Achieved through the following methods: