Insights to Behavior

Insights To Behavior is an exciting new web-based solution to create Individual Behavior Plans in one-hour or less. Benefit from consolidated reporting, CE training, and research-based tools to foster safer schools and more peaceful and productive classrooms.

Insights to Behavior empowers administrators and teachers with an unprecedented suite of tools to create, update, track, and report on Individual Behavior Plans whether it’s implemented in a single school or district-wide.

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Collaborate to Co-Teach: It Takes 2 to Tango

Presented by Celeste McKenzie, ExEd OZone Supervisor & Laronda Jennings, ExEd OZone Lead Teacher

Clear Learning Target
I will be able to identify, understand, and eventually implement the models of co-teaching to best fit the needs of all students.

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Collaborate to Co-Teach: 2 Heads Are Better Than 1

Co-Teaching is becoming a more common occurrence in the schools as teachers and administrators understand the value of having to professionals share responsibility for instruction. Research tends to show that students with disabilities benefited from teachers working together to make the curriculum more accessible to all students. In more recent years, school divisions have extended collaboration and co-teaching efforts beyond the special education-general education focus to include all aspects of the school environment. In this course, participants will:
identify the benefits of co-teaching that can improve outcomes for students with disabilities »choose when to use each of the six models Identify tasks to consider in the co-taught classroom

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Chrome Accessibility Features & Tech Tools for "All" Learners
As Chromebooks become more commonplace, especially in schools where students and teachers use the popular laptop, it's critical that Chromebooks have tools that make the web accessible to everyone.

 The Chrome browser and operating system offer a variety of accessibility features like magnification, keyboard navigation, screen reading, and much more. Watch and learn how to customize your settings in Chrome and Chromebooks to make the experience more accessible and usable for all students.

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Differentiated Instructional Strategies: Does One Size Fit All???

The educator will:

  • Learn or review the meaning of Differentiation.

  • Complete an Interest Survey.

  • Understand what an Effective Differentiated classroom looks and sounds like.

  • Self-Reflect on the Instructional Practices that are currently used in your classroom.

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Scheduling: Service Delivery for Students with Disabilities

On January 26, 2018, the State Board of Education approved the addition of the alternate academic diploma (AAD). This new diploma will count toward the district graduation rate and was implemented beginning in the 2018-2019 school year.

We will cover the requirements of the diploma and how they align to the academic coursework of students earning a regular diploma in order to ensure that all students are provided access to opportunities to learn and participate in rigorous, meaningful instruction. We will also cover how in order to meet the 22 credit requirements, students pursuing the alternate academic diploma (AAD) may be enrolled in their courses using the AAD course codes and taught according to the AAD course requirements.

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