Close the opportunity gap 

Schools are charged to serve all students to reach their full academic potential. We understand that our students come from a variety of backgrounds and have different needs that must be addressed to guarantee their academic success. We fully commit to respond to individual student needs, such that every child can perform at high levels and access the range of social, emotional, and academic supports to develop the whole child.

Action Steps:

  • Meet the needs of diverse learners – through improving and expanding inclusive services for English learners, student with disabilities, economically disadvantaged students, and those from historically underserved ethnic and racial groups.
  • Establish a Newcomer Center for English Language Learners to prepare recently arrived immigrants and/or new district enrollees with the academic vocabulary and wrap-around supports needed for long-term academic success.
  • Renew focus on systems that support our response to instruction and intervention (RTI2) to ensure that we identify early students who are falling behind academically and intervene to address skill gaps – including identifying district-wide interventions and monitoring of universal screener data.
  • Pending the continued work of the task force, create framework and establish metrics related to the opportunity gap with KPIs that will be used to evaluate our overall progress in improving equity for all students.
  • Provide strategic and differentiated support for Priority, Cusp, and Focus schools.
  • Formulate and implement a plan for social emotional learning and whole-child development that includes wrap-around services and a comprehensive counseling support plan (e.g. counseling and health) to aid in the success for all students, including crisis response.
  • Formulate and implement a Tiered Truancy Intervention Plan (multi-tiered systems of support) aimed at increasing student attendance and achievement.