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Hamilton County Schools provide a program for English Learners to increase students’ English language skills so their academic performance is equivalent to native English-speaking students of the same age and grade level. ENL support services are designed to provide academic, cultural, social, and support services to K-12 students who are limited English proficient. Comprehensible instruction is delivered in English in order that the student will develop language that enables him/her to actively participate in a student-centered learning process. Language acquisition skills, together with thematic holistic concepts, enable language to become real for the students. The WIDA ELD Standards are used to support students’ connection to Tennessee Academic Standards. ENL teachers plan for and deliver instruction with the support of the SIOP Model. SIOP is the only research-validated model of instruction currently available for teaching English learners.

Did you know......in Hamilton County Schools:

  • Over 5200 students have a non-English language background
  • Over 85 languages represented
  • 82% list Spanish as their primary language
  • Over 85 countries of origin represented
  • 68% ELs born in the United States
  • 60% in grades K-5
  • Over 4474 students eligible to receive direct ENL support services

All parents have the right to information about their child’s education in a language they understand. When your child enrolls in school, the school will ask you about the language you would like to use when communicating with the school. This helps your school identify your language needs so they can provide an interpreter or translated documents, free of charge.

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HCDE clusters ENL services based on student need. Transportation is provided free of charge for all English language learners qualifying for ENL support services. Below is a listing of all ENL sites in the district.


Home Language Survey
MEP Occupational Survey- English
MEP Occupational Survey- Spanish

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