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History of STARS

Students Taking A Right Stand (STARS) - Chattanooga is a non-profit organization that addresses issues to support a healthy school climate to enhance academic success. Though the level of services and name have changed since its beginning in 1981, STARS has been consistent in adapting to the needs of the community and supporting the process of aiding students in the decision-making process. Read more about the history of STARS.

STARSSTARS’ Board of Directors  is comprised of a team of business leaders representing different spectrums of the community. These Directors strengthen the HCDE Safe Schools learning environment by providing resources to enhance implementation of the STARS Program.

Working closely with the designated HCDE Safe Schools Learning Environment contact, STARS is a school-based program dedicated to strengthening the learning environment by addressing social issues such as bullying and substance abuse. Currently, the Board of Directors is under the leadership of former HCDE administrator, Lebron Sterchi.

STARS supports schools with professional development (Restorative Practices, Olweus Bullying Prevention, ACE's and RTI2  Behavior Support); student training (MOVE2STAND, peer mediation, conflict resolution, life skills, and anti-bullying); and alternative to full suspension for tobacco and/or alcohol-related offenses.

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Contact Information:

Karen S. Glenn
STARS Directors/Safe Schools Learning Environment
1161 W. 40th Street, Room 310, Chattanooga, TN 37409

Office: 423-498-7221
Fax: 423-498-6662
Email: [email protected]
STARS Board Members and Staff

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