Interpretation and Translation Services

All parents have the right to information about their child’s education in a language they understand. When your child enrolls in school, the school will ask you about the language you would like to use when communicating with the school. This helps your school identify your language needs so they can provide translated documents and/or an interpreter,  at no cost to the family. 

You have the right to access information in your language. If you have concerns about the school’s interpretation or translation services—or if you were not offered an interpreter or translation you needed—you have options.

Talk with your principal or a school employee. A discussion with your school principal is often the best first step to address your concerns. Explain what happened, and let the principal know what they can do to help resolve the problem.

You can also contact Maggie Johnson to share your concerns @(423) 498-6729.


Parents’ Rights Document (English and Spanish)