Audio and Visual (A/V) Production career and technical pathway at Ooltewah High School
Posted on 04/12/2024
Audio and Visual (A/V) Production career and technical pathway at Ooltewah High School Chattanooga, Tennessee – The exemplary Audio and Visual (A/V) Production career and technical pathway at Ooltewah High School demonstrates a strong commitment to creating opportunities for all students. This innovative program sets a high standard for educational excellence by preparing students for diverse careers in the audio/visual production industry. Offering hands-on experience with professional-grade equipment and providing valuable certifications, the A/V production pathway equips students with real-world skills for success beyond high school.

Students in the A/V program master the art of live-streaming, expanding the reach of Ooltewah High School’s dynamic events, including sports, school plays, dance team performances, and more. Their impactful work extends beyond the school, producing informative videos for other Future Ready Institutes such as the Harrison Bay Future Ready Center and taking on the significant responsibility of live-streaming all Hamilton County Schools High School Graduations.

The level of trust and responsibility given to students underscores the program's success in providing real-world experiences, guided by A/V teachers Terry Farriss and James Manning. "This program gives students an outlet to be creative. The more creative they are, the more creative we become, making it a win-win overall," says Farriss. Manning emphasizes the student-led approach, stating, “I don't think people realize that while we help set up the equipment, the students lead everything; they tell us what to do.”

The initiative has also expanded to include students from Hunter Middle School, who will shadow their Ooltewah High counterparts this graduation season, gaining early exposure to the pathway and setting a foundation for their future in high school and beyond.

As students progress, they tailor their learning experience by choosing their own areas of expertise such as behind-the-camera work, video editing, or directing. This personalized approach, combined with the requirement to earn Adobe Premiere Pro certification and the opportunity to earn other Adobe certifications, ensures a comprehensive learning experience. The school’s inclusive A/V program supports the district’s commitment to ensuring every student learns and belongs, fostering skills in adaptability, teamwork, and technical proficiency crucial for the audio/visual production field.

The success of the A/V production pathway at Ooltewah High School wouldn't be possible without the unwavering support of OHS Principal Donnie Mullins, whose dedication to fostering student creativity and providing opportunities for real-world experiences has been instrumental in the program's growth and impact.