Senior Video Feature - Karissa Luckey, Tyner Academy
Posted on 05/28/2020
Photo: Senior Karissa Luckey from Tyner AcademyTo celebrate the Class of 2020, Video Features for Hamilton County Schools will highlight a senior from each learning community in May. The spotlight today is on Karissa Luckey, a 2020 senior at Tyner Academy in the Missionary Ridge Learning Community.

Luckey is interested in the arts and loves to sing and paint. “Painting frees my mind from anything that is stressing me out,” said Luckey. “When I sit down to paint something, I don’t worry about anything else. it just feels very relaxing for me to do it.”

A life tragedy brought Luckey to Chattanooga in her sophomore year. She grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. Her mother died during her tenth-grade year so she packed up her life and moved to Tennessee to live with her father and found herself in a new school in the middle of her high school experience.”

“She was nervous about getting caught up but we created a plan and we reassured her that she would be ready for graduation,” said Nicole Gillum, a counselor at Tyner Academy. “I just love the fact that she persisted, and I admire her for giving herself a goal and achieving the goal.”

Luckey has applied to attend Florida State and plans to pursue a career as a veterinarian. “That has been my dream since I was a little kid because I love animals,” Luckey said.



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