District Advocates


District Advocates are here to support students and families through the difficulty of navigating any student-related incident where school-level mediations have been unsuccessful and/or additional assistance is needed.

It is our desire for students and families to feel heard and supported throughout this process. Advocates and families will work together to develop a resolution that enables students to be successfully restored to their enrolled school and fosters a community in which students thrive.

When to Contact an Advocate

The internal processes below are in place for schools to manage incident complaints at a localized level.


Advocates may intervene when students or families feel the above process is not being completed with fidelity and support is needed beyond their local school setting. Additional district intervention may be needed if a student or family member feels they are not being heard by school staff, an incident investigation has been completed at the school-level but the outcome does not take steps to resolve the conflict, etc.

If an incident investigation has been completed at the school-level and you are not satisfied with the outcome, a Disagreement Resolution Form can be completed. For all other questions and concerns, please Request an Appointment with a District Advocate.

Meet the Advocates

All of our advocates are experienced education professionals with a passion for students and over 120 years of combined experience. Our advocates have served as executive directors, principals, special education advocates, anti-bullying experts, and many other capacities throughout their HCS careers.

Mitzi Delker
Dee Wiley, AdvocateDee Wiley
Karen GlennKaren Glenn


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